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VVonderland Forest Cabins

First visions for a quasi-futuristic co-housing #concept where kindred spirits live,# work, and play together. The amalgam of ideas; part #nostalgic tribalism, part 24/7 wellness retreat.

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01 Own your
happy place

The goal is to jointly buy a parcel of land overseas and transform it into the world's coolest intentional community. A place to plant your future, with everything you need - nothing you don’t.

Concept Illustration
Concept Illustration

Designed with your lifestyle in mind: Independence, served with a side dish of togetherness. A tight-knit group of people working cooperatively to create a vibrant home that reflects their common passions and shared core values. *This is not your mama’s commune.

We are products of our environment, and VVonderland takes this to heart. We’re creating a new kind of place that will enrich the way you work, think and grow. Thoughtfully crafted to be the perfect backdrop to the highlights of life happening.

A sustainable approach built to minimize impact on the environment. We envision stylistically captivating homes, packed with applied technology and eco-conscious upgrades that work for you; producing clean energy, water, and organic food right off your doorstep.

Our modern co-ownership model, that centres on the pooling of skills and resources, allows for effortless leisure and economic sensibility. Offering an accessible way for you to have a richer life at a price you can afford.
secure social serene secure social serene

02 New-wave

Explore an island of modern life in the middle of the natural world.

Compact modular dwellings designed to embrace the beauty and tranquility that surrounds them. The living spaces will be striking and purpose-built with wellbeing in mind, featuring multisensory finishes that go far beyond traditional interiors. Drawing on the insights of building biology, feng shui, circadian lighting, and biophilic architecture, every element is aimed at helping you find sanctuary in your daily life.

Concept Illustration

I think in a lot of places in the Western world right now the pendulum is really swinging in the wrong direction..... the culture, the freedom, the affordability, the taxes, the housing. Hence this idea was basically born out of necessity, as an antidote to the rise in urban loneliness and growing demand for greener pastures and a better way of living.

Arran James, founder
Arran JamesFounder

03 Amenities

More than just living alone, together.

This is your place in the world. Pioneering a destination that prides itself on sculpting a community rooted in health, performance and longevity.

Move. Be Still. Sweat. Play. Heal. Awaken. Let Go. Whatever you seek, you'll benefit from a vast array of experiences, gracefully woven into every aspect of the property—like a wellness retreat that never ends.

Step into the adult playground of your dreams.

At the centre of Phase 2 will lie the construction of the Blue Zone and Eureka Loft. The curation and consolidation of numerous biohacking innovations & co-working facilities that would be unattainable individually; made possible via partnership discounts from best-in-class brands and a community pooling resources. Affordability – without compromise – is key to that.

Zen Den
Sauna + Cold Plunge
Communal Fire Pit
Stone Labyrinth
Outdoor Gym
Vertical Microgreen Farm
Beehives + Chicken Coop

Our job is to make it real

VVonderland is still a conceptual prototype. How does something like this begin to take shape? Interested in helping us get there? Let's talk!

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Find your

Freedom. That’s the word we nomads value the most. And looking for a happier and brighter future is in our DNA. Thus where to move becomes the big question. Because location really is everything! - Various countries are being considered, with a focus on factors like economic & political stability, safety, cost of living, tax policies, resilience to climate change, health security and quality of life index.

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